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Do you agree that in the world around, everything has its indestructible canons and laws? Even in art! When they are observed in one work, we say that we have a masterpiece. Trading is also a kind of art, and BJAZZ is an expert in the art of trading and investment.

how does the Robot work?

When creating the project, our goal was to implement the latest developments in AI and neural networks for crypto trading. The non-standard nature of our robots lies precisely in a new approach to the use of neural networks and self-training.


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Logic thinking


In tomorrow's world of robotics and technology, only those who can create art and think outside the box will survive.

Therefore, whether we want it or not, in order to survive, we need to change our mindset. Just think on it: for a long time we created robots that can do routine work, then - robots that can solve logical puzzles, and finally we face the threat of unemployment.

And today we have to accept - if we don't know how to think outside the box, even in trading robots are ahead of us.

The most advanced of them are those that draw, conduct, write music. And they inspired us to develop the world's first creative trading robot, and the BJAZZ investment project.

How does our robot differ from other popular bots that have already flooded all crypto exchanges in the world?

Due to its non-standard thinking, it's always 2 steps ahead!

Let's figure it out ...

BJAZZ is a successful startup, the principle of which is at the combination of advanced technologies and imitation of human thinking.

When creating the project, our goal was to use the latest developments in the field of AI and neural networks for crypto trading. The non-standard nature of our robot lies precisely in a new approach to the use of neural networks and self-training.

Until today, neural networks as a way of self-learning AI, have been used mainly for data recognition. For example this is when the social network or the camera of your phone "knows" in advance where the person’s face is in the image, automatically adjusting the picture or offering to mark the person on the photo.

We knew that we could get more out of this technology, and went further. We used self-training to classify large amounts of data and predict possible situations in the crypto market in the way an experienced trader would do.

Our artificial intelligence is able to build complex mathematical models, predicting the price of a particular crypto asset based on an analysis of its historical data.

In addition, the robot is able to recognise and establish hidden connections between crypto assets.

You have probably noticed more than once that when the value of Bitcoin rises, the price of some coins immediately begins to fall, as if there is a pattern, while other coins, on the contrary, begin to lose in price along with Bitcoin. This is the simplest example where the relationship can be seen with the naked eye.

AI is able to establish, control and predict deeper and multi-level relationships that are completely invisible “by eye” and are not available to other primitive trading robots.

But the most important advantage of our solution is that the robot is not just programmed for these processes, but the more data it analyses, the smarter it becomes. Self-training and the use of non-standard combinations in solving problems is the main advantage of BJAZZ.

How it works?

You are most likely familiar with the term “fiduciary management” - when making an investment, you actually give a trader the right to trade your own funds to get profit.

The BJAZZ project works similarly, however, we trust your funds only to our advanced artificial intelligence, for which the growth of your profit is always in the first place.

A bit of history

The first development of the project appeared in our country in 2016, when Bitcoin began to hold some promise for rapid growth, and there was a boom in the emergence of new promising crypto coins.

In fact, it took us about a year and a half to release the first working prototype. The selection of powerful software for analysing huge data arrays and optimising processes to speed up their receipt, integration with each individual exchange is a list of the simplest tasks that we had to face in the process of developing our brainchild until we saw that our robot started to bring tangible profits, which it was actually worth fighting further for.

At the moment, BJAZZ is a fully completed set of effective algorithms endowed with the ability of self-learning and analysis, which is capable of generating profit from 40% to 1030% per day in the process of trading on crypto platforms.

About us

BJAZZ is a real expert in the art of investment. Our creative self-learning robot is making an incredible revolution in trading, being always 2 steps ahead the others. Our unique trading strategy will allow you to get high stable profit once per minute, every day, 24/7