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The BJAZZ project offers to investors one investment plan, that gives a wonderful opportunity to receive a daily regular passive income of 3.78% of the deposit size, lifetime.

The profit is calculated and accrued every 60 seconds since the deposit is made.

Your deposit in the system is lifetime and indelible, since it is used for shared redemption of intellectual rights associated with the development and use of software for trading robots and artificial intelligence systems. It also means that you will continue to receive profit without any time limit.

You can use the calculator below to determine the cost recovery period for your principal, and estimate your potential profit.

List of currencies available to invest:


  • Minimum investment amount - 0.005 BTC;
  • Minimum withdrawal amount - 0.001 BTC;

Bitcoin Cash

  • Minimum investment amount - 0.03 BCH;
  • Minimum withdrawal amount - 0.005 BCH;


  • Minimum investment amount - 0.07 DASH;
  • Minimum withdrawal amount - 0.007 DASH;


  • Minimum investment amount - 0.1 LTC;
  • Minimum withdrawal amount - 0.01 LTC;


  • Minimum investment amount - 0.025 ETH;
  • Minimum withdrawal amount - 0.005 ETH;


  • Minimum investment amount - 2000 DOGE;
  • Minimum withdrawal amount - 200 DOGE;

US Dollar (Payeer & PerfectMoney)

  • Minimum investment amount - 5 USD;
  • Minimum withdrawal amount - 0.1 USD;



Use the calculator to determine the cost recovery period for your principal deposit, and estimate your potential profit!

Return of Investment (days): n/a

Daily Profit: n/a

Minutely Profit: n/a

Period Income: n/a

Net Profit: n/a

To Partners

To promote our project in the best way, we have developed a unique one-level partnership plan based on the carefully considered algorithms. 

In the context of our marketing strategy, all the existing partners irrespective of having an active deposit on the platform, are given an opportunity to get 5% of additional income from every invited partner’s investment amount. 

The partnership profit will be added to your account once the deposit is created by your downline partner.

Our basic concept is thinking out of the box. We use creative trading strategies, extended self-learning experiences, and we welcome the same active and creative people to grow their career growth together with our company.

About us

BJAZZ is a real expert in the art of investment. Our creative self-learning robot is making an incredible revolution in trading, being always 2 steps ahead the others. Our unique trading strategy will allow you to get high stable profit once per minute, every day, 24/7